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CET Question Papers

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CET Question Papers
CET papers

All The Best

Here is a golden opportunity….!

It is a new track to obtain CET and CPT question papers and related key answers. We give direction to have it by easily. The materials are given by KARNATAKA EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY.

Additional CET Question Bank:

The major types of CET question papers are:

  • V I K A S A N A – Question Bank:

This is the page which contains Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.

This is only an indicative blueprint and only a sample list of questions for the practice of the students and to help in revision of all chapters in the above subjects.

  • Chapter Wise Question Bank:

In this page you will get question and answers from all the chapters.

Click here for download all papers.


In this page by KARNATAKA EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY give you all previous year exam paper. For download click here.

How to maintain time in all competitive examination

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How to maintain time in all competitive examination

How to maintain time in all competitive examination:

  •    It is very essential for your student future. So you must develop skills how to maintain the time.
  • So now we learn many skills on that way.
  1. Question reading style
  2. Sufficient knowledge
  3. Verification
  • Question reading style:-

It is very essential to read the all questions very clearly and quickly. So that time saves and marks consumed. First we write all question which are very essay and answerable for you. So that time consumed.

  • Sufficient knowledge:-

It also counts in our work. Sufficient knowledge on the subject. For example perfect formula sense, some results, on the subjects is helpful in the exam. So we give those essential documents on this site. In further classes.

  • Verification:-

When time limit is counts then it is one of the very useful methods to save time. When answers are given it is very essay to apply. In this method very probable answer is substitute in the equation or in the problem, so it is very essay to simplify.

  • These are the some methods to obtain good marks in competitive exams.
  • Next we give you how to manage the TIME in study period.
  • And HOW TO MAINTAIN HEALTH because it is also very important in study period. If we study very well but heath is not in the condition, then it impossible attends the exams or interviews perfectly. So we must alert with our health also.
  • How to maintain health in order to achieve our goal essay and simply. is published in another page.



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Health is very important in our daily life. If we are healthy then only we perform all our daily work, study, official work correctly. Then only we can live joyfully with our family. If we are suffering from some disease then it is very ridiculous to explain. Imagine that situation Disease problem, medicine reaction, doctor’s bill, irritation and many more problems are there in that case. So we must avoid that situation by following method:

  1. Yoga and pranayama
  2. Prayer
  3. Healthy food habit
  4. Creativeness
  5. Enjoy every moment


  • Yoga and pranayama:-

It is the gift of our elders. It is the product of India to whole universe. So it is also the proud of our nation. But today most of the India forget these thing and surrender to lazy life which is very harmful for life. We know these things, but we didn’t try to get benefit from these things. When the all disease and problems are started then only we take care of our heath. But is very difficult to solve all problems immediately. So we must take care of our health time to time. So that our elder says beautiful thought in their speech, i.e. Prevention is better than cure. Is is not impossible. When we will try to control our mind, it is very essay to archive these things. Daily morning getup as early as possible. Then try to do some exercise. But take care of it, because unguided practice is may be harmful for you. So get training from good guide. Next pranayama also very useful for people who are living in the cities. There is air pollution and much dirtiness present in air. So it relieves from these problems.

  • Prayer:-

In ancient time at home peoples are gathered in evening to pray god. But in today it is appears as rare case. But it is very scientific also, on gathering human relationships binds strongly and gets satisfaction. Prayer is very good habit to maintain good mantel health. As physical strength, mantle preparation is also important to live happily and reach our goal. Morning and evening at least 10 minutes concentrated prayer or what we called Dyana is very important. It gives us mantel relaxation and energy to mind. It helps us to do all our duties happily without hesitation and tension.

  • Healthy food habit:-

We must care with habit. Because it is very essential in these days. Many spicy and different types are available. But all are not good for healthy life, so must care with that thing. If you fail to choice it. You will penalty for this. Especially in student life, many students are stay away from family, there is they not get guide from their parents also. But they must feel this, if they suffering from decease in exam days. But there is no time to cure that decease, so they perform week perforation in exams. It may damage their future. So be careful about these things.

  • Creativeness:-

Friends you are all a spirits of our nation. When you are happy then life is also appears as very joy full to you. But one thing, happiness is also with us. When we find the happiness in our work, any good job, study, research then it is only appears you as true joyful life. So always keep smile.

According to Shriswamivivekanand ‘We get good thoughts and ideas about life, in very difficult situation in life’

So always learn many thing in your experience, so that you will be very perfect for face any difficulties in life. For archive all these things, we must live always with alertness. So be creative always.

  • Enjoy every moment-

All are live only for their family, their own life. Just think human life is not for waste. He has ultimate mind power, thinking capacity so on. But only few peoples are only get full benefit from these and archive extraordinary thing for human survive. Because of their painful life only we survive in this day as happy. Today many opportunities are there to archive anything, have full use from them and do anything for well fair living things. When you get a good states in society. Then you feel very happy. So enjoy any moment, because life is very short. Do something…




Welcome to Freeplant.in site

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Welcome to Freeplant.in

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